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 Roll over Beethoven H
 The Nazz are blue C
 All day and all G
 Blues before sönrais Db
 If you be my baby C
 Route 66 A
 Blue eyed lady A
 One night love aff. H
 Purple haze E 
While my guitar Am 
The thrill is gone Hm

Battle ship chains G
I'm free
Tschises just left G  
You really got me G
The Jack
Burning bridges A
Miss you Am
A fool for your Am
Real wild child E  
Hey Joe E
April, Spring, Summer A

Free fallin
Little red rooster G
It's all over now
Proud Mary D
Like it this way G 
Jumping jack flash
Red house Bb 
Road house E
Whatever you want
La Grange A 
Black magic w. Dm
Rollin' and tumblin

Blue Jeans Blues Hm
Dust my broom D 
Sharp dressed C
Up around t/ bend
Hoochie coochie A
The passenger Am
Last time
Caroline F / Rockin all over C / Twist again C Medley
Brown sugar C
Dirty old town
Smoke on the water G
Sweet home Schikago

Wird laufend dem Zeitgeist der Sechzigerjahre angepasst.

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