Slight Delay - Biscuit Roller Blues - Lyrics Kokomo Arnold

Aw that your heart feels (so) lonesome – when your biscuit roller's gone //

Sais I'm gittin' so tight, mama, just sleeping all alone


I should done when she told, and she walks with men she wants //

Says I'm now hot at midnight, if I could only yell at all


Aw tell me a-coming rooster,  lord just start at the break of day//

Oh the hen will get up, I'll give him a little bit of place


Says I'm coming in your backyard (mama), one more time tonight//

Now don't you stick your puppies on me, pls don't let your bulldog bite


Now, I feel like in my night-shirt, mama – now you go an' get your gown//

Says I ain't a bit sleepy, but I just feel like laying down

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