The Slight Delay Vintage Blues-Rock

Down the dirt road - Lyrics Charley Patton - The Slight Delay

Schweizer Bluesrock - Down the dirt road - Lyrics Charley Patton

Dieser Text ist aus meiner Sicht der wahrscheinlichste: Es geistern unzählige Varianten durch das Netz, diesen habe ich selber so rausgehört.

Down the dirt road - Charley Patton

I want away - too well, I know // 
I won’t end up - but I won’t be worry, lord

my rider, someday / something - she try to keep me here //
all I got is something  - to find that does her will

I feel like jumping - to fly in everywhere
Im glad that I'm in - Lord, but I couldn’t stay there

some people's feeling - for these blues ain't bad //
but it was not that - before these blues I had

there where I been  - seem like what I am  //
and what a young mark - I know you don’t did mock it up (This line is uncertain)

can’t go down a - dirt road by myself //
I don’t come home - one go tell me the one home

This version ist the most likely on. I have found several versions in the net which do not satisfy and some are quite obscure. The one above does make sense and is straight forward - a typical blues story told by so many of his likes....